Wombman Wednesday: A photographic collage of the women who currently inspire me

Inspiration comes in many forms, and as a woman naturally I am inspired by the Queens that came before me and artist and women within my age group that have stories and lives that inspire me greatly. There are so many women that I could list in this collage so I just went with the women that first came to mind, trust there will be many collages of women that I continue to celebrate. Scroll down to find out why these women made the cut this Wednesday.

Ciara- Not only has Ciara dropped a record entitled Level Up she has actually displayed her personal rise, with grace. I have been inspired so much by Ciara's lifestyle choices and how it can inspire so many women to choose themselves. She went from what some people would call baby daddy drama to marrying a Russel Wilson in an ol'school romance type of way, by remaining abstinent until marriage, talk about greatness! The two seam to have an amazing bond, he definitely loves her and Futures child like his own. They also have a fourteen month old daughter together.

Erykah Badu- This woman makes me so proud to be from Dallas, if I could ever get the opportunity to interview her I would probably have an out of body experience. Her voice, her originality, her ambiance, is truly amazing to witness. She is inspirational from her style of dress, musical abilities and total essence. Her music speaks to the soul, through healing lyrics and melody's of honey. Her pitch changes are purposeful in aligning you with her deep delivered messages, to sink into your subconscious. MAGICAL....I also love the way that she celebrates other artist from all different walks. I especially love the way she mothers her children from a free thinking perspective, supporting their creativity. She has inspired me in so many ways and continues to do so simply by posting on Instagram. To see her live multiple times has been a joy and I have never been disappointed.

Diana Ross- On our podcast Hip Hop Across The Board { which I co-host} I always say I'm Diana Ross when I rock my big hair styles. Diana has just flawlessly aged throughout R&B/disco history and has always inspired me through her royal being. I can say the part of Diana Ross that inspired me the most was her acting. I loved her in Mahogany, The Wiz and Lady Sings The Blues but Mahogany inspired me the most to do what I love regardless of what people thing and to be a bold and daring artist.

Jamila Woods- Artist, Poet, Activist Jamila Woods has been my go to radio station on Pandora for the last two months. I just enjoy her content all together. Her Instagram is full of regular pictures of just her not some over done celebrity that's not relatable, so that for me is a beautiful display of raw womanhood. Her song Holy has recently gotten me through some rough patches and furthered my goal of loving my true self all the while celebrating God's many creations including me. Her poetry has been published a few times and she just reminds me of Maya Angelou. I'm excited to witness her journey.

Melody Ehsani- The innovative designer that keeps all women in mind is what describes Melody to me. From her jewelry to her clothing and brand collaborations I love watching and waiting on what she will produce next. I first discovered her brand on Instagram {of course} when she dropped her signature coaches jacket honoring the women's liberation movement. And I absolutely loved her collaboration with reebok, and the unique design elements she brought to their sneakers. {which now looked like art after her touch} She just oozes powerful femininity through everything she creates with pieces that state fuck racist, stay woke, resist, 1-800-His-Loss, and so many more. It was an easy choice to add her to my wombman pow-rah inspiration.

Chaka Khan- So I have always admired Chaka Khan's vocal skills/song writing skills, she was always a powerful singer. She was also the only female in the group Rufus which I'm always a fan of a woman holding it down in an all male group. Not only did she do all this musical badassery but she was also an activist. Chaka Khan was apart of the historical Black Panther Party in 1969, and assisted them with the children's free lunch program. I saw Chaka Khan once for my birthday a few years ago and she talked about her mother having to raise her children because she was out running the street doing music, drugs, living life and, in that moment her diva veil dropped and I began to admire her even more. It something about someone's bold ability to keep it real and recognize their faults.....Chaka Khan is my hero, simply because as mothers we make many mistakes and it takes a real Queen to own them.

Tina Turner- I have been intrigued with Tina since private dancer, I was very young when this song came out and didn't understand what she was talking about (don't judge), it was jamming!! Then there's the fact that she was in Mad Maxx and I could not get over how magical she looked as a Goddess warrior. The song We Don't Need Another Hero was a rock anthem to me. When Angela Basset played her in Whats Love Got To Do With It and told her story of strength in the face of constant adversity, well it was extremely empowering. Tina Turner has been the ultimate performer for a long time her innovative dance moves, strong vocals, and style have influenced many of our favorite artist today. Her refusal to stay in a violent relationship, and her fearless approach to cross boundaries as a black female rock artist is a phenomenal way to motivate other women to love them selves enough to leave toxic situations. She recently remarried at the age of seventy proving that true love is timeless and worth the wait.

Lucille Ball- One of my best friends and I are always talking about Lucy and reciting the old skits from her show. I grew up without cable when cartoons only came on Saturday mornings, so I Love Lucy was something I watched every single day. Lucille Ball showed me the power of laughter, and as we know laughter helps to heal the soul. I also admired that even though she was scrutinized for it she fell in love and married Desi Arnaz who was a Cuban performer. She also had her two children after the age of 39, which is a great inspiration to many women who put their careers first. You can still be a boss CEO and hold down a family all in your own time.

Angela Basset- I love film, poetry, and music period. One of my favorite actresses is Angela Basset. She has been a staple in the industry for a very long time and she plays every role to perfection and with conviction. As Tina Turner she wowed me, I also loved her in Boy's N The Hood, Vampire in Brooklyn, and American Horror Story Series. Angela is also aging so gracefully and beautifully I still can't believe she is sixty years old. She is an active philanthropist, wife, and mother....nuff said.

I also want to shot out my sister circle who helps to keep me grounded and elevates my being. As women we need our sisters, to bounce ideas off of, be a listening ear with sound advice, make great memories with, and to cultivate ideas to build with. When we come together and celebrate one another we are powerful. I love women from all walks of life and cultures, and this is where our stories will be celebrated. WOMB-MAN POW-RAH Happy Hump Day celebrate your lady lumps!

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