Why I'm Thankful

The holiday season always reminds people of how thankful they are. However, in our home we believe that gratefulness should be a daily practice. Still the holidays are a great time to recognize how thankful we truly are and to enjoy some much needed family time. I have had a few revelations this season, please read about what I have learned.

The holidays really haven't been the same for me since my mother passed, and are usually celebrated at another family members house. This year I went to visit my Georgia family for Thanksgiving, something I had been anticipating for a long while now just because I really can't remember the last time I visited during a holiday. Things were so different this time because my Grandmothers health is slowly deteriorating. What used to be happy fun filled vacation time of laughter and great conversation was kind of dimmed by her not feeling her best. Yet and still in those moments of feeling sad for her I started thinking of all she had accomplished and given to her children and grandchildren. These were the feelings I began to be grateful for. I felt blessed to have had her in good health for more than 85 years and to be in a position to now help her. I thought about how we had taken the trip to visit her as a family and that these would be times that my children would cherish in their adult years. I have been thinking of teaming up with my family to restore the magic of my Grandmothers house, just for her to be able to enjoy more in this later part of her life. I'm really not sure if anyone else in the family sees her home as this magical place like I do, but I'd like to see us take it to the next level. As well as see my known family while we were there, we saw some of my family on my mother's father's side and met some of our new relatives. It was exciting and refreshing to see where I get some of my traits and characteristics from. Its beautiful to be able to bond and connect with your real tribe. Everyone was so welcoming, fulfilling that southern hospitality that Georgia represents so well as we shared food and stories. We almost didn't want to leave, we even talked about finding a place out there and slowing our busy lives down some to live life in a much smaller town. Georgia is just that kind of place that you can fall in love with. All of these feelings and thoughts that flowed through my mind were some of the things I had to be grateful for. Family being something that I am the most happy about from my immediate family to my extended one. In regards to my immediate family we are all so open minded and accepting, my tribe usually goes with the flow. They always find joy in new adventures, meeting new people, and being with each other and I absolutely love that about them. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful sons, and a wonderful life mate. I'm looking forward to riding out the rest of this year with gift giving, community service, and giving back, which in itself is more than enough be continue to be grateful for. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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