Life can take you through many ups and downs. Trying to create consistent balance at home, as the children grow through their personal lives, while trying to maintain social site can be challenging. We took a break from posting while I worked on some solo projects and now we are back!

Trying to keep up with life's everyday occurrences can leave you drained. Having a family and your own business can sometimes be a lot to juggle especially in the middle of a pandemic, while homeschooling two boys, caring for our elders, gardening, and making home cooked meals everyday. I had to put self care as a priority and focus on some of my individual goals and aspirations . In the process of seeing me do different things the boys also wanted to start being more social, inspired by some of their favorite YouTubers so it motivated me to reinvest time and energy back into our family site. Our post will consist of parenting articles, family activities, travel, homeschool advice and curriculum ideas, fun recipes and all other things that make living intentionally with your family so amazing. So if you haven’t already subscribe so that you don’t miss anything!