The Value of Tribe: Why Sisterhood Is So Necessary

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Women's unity and empowerment has been the talks since Beyonce's Who Run The World {Girls} song/video dropped. Bold westernized feminism has been apparent since the late 60's and today women are coming together more and more to talk, to heal, to implement more self-care and wellness practices. So why is this togetherness becoming so important to us and how are we as women of color growing to be less click-ish and more inclusive of all of our sisters?

Sharon Walker, Felicia Garrett, and Me (Lex Lu)

From my own personal experiences and some of the experiences that I have witnessed women close to me go through, women's relationships with other ladies are very rocky for many years. It starts with our mothers, after them the school age clicks and mean girl groups that tease and make fun of you, then graduates to sororities with principles based in sisterhood but can come with harsh and extreme hazing practices, and can extend to toxic friendships later as adults. Even as we witness seeing older women gossip about other women, down talk, and allow their jealously of another woman interfere with having genuine relationships with them, it directly affects our interpretation of healthy relationships with our sisters (other women). These were some of the very reasons I wanted to stay to myself mostly when I was growing up or I just made friends with men. I just didn't want to deal with all of the "girl drama". I must say that although I felt this way I have also, always had women in my life that were very instrumental in being examples of strength, kindness, genuine concern for their sisters, and were powerful in their femininity. I have friends, family and elders who have given me that feminine nurturing that kept me open to the possibilities of building authentic long lasting relationships with others. I can say for me a huge shift in wanting to embrace and fellowship with more women came when my mother died. You could say that I was able to manifest drawing more women into my cypher, and this was a shift I feel took place within many women at the same time. I ended up meeting with a model that I had once did make up for to do yoga and we talked about how we could experience tapping deeper into our spiritual gifts by having a gathering. I agreed to have an event at my home as an informational meeting about yoga, reiki healing, and meditation. This event turned into an emotional and deep conversation about women's issues and our personal stories. We were able to love on each other and support each other in such a beautiful way, and once this happened we decided to keep it going. From that one experience we all expressed how great it felt to have these relationships and build with one another. It was at that point for me I saw how necessary it was to bring women together to focus on health, wellness, and self expression. I have also noticed so many women putting together seminars, wellness retreats, gatherings, moon parties, and classes all centered around women's empowerment and healing relationships. It has been such a beautiful experience for me to be inspired by so many amazing women not only within my personal reach but the women who don't even know how they pour into me through inspirational lessons. I am so grateful that I could put my walls down and embrace the mentality to meet, open up, and love on so many wonderful women, because had I stayed in my shell I don't think I would be this far into my own personal healing. To have people you directly relate but also differ from is what can assist your growth. There are still many barriers in sisterhood and coming together that we need to cross, as we began to relate to one another more, and appreciate ourselves, our appreciation of others will increase as well. To me it's just one of those things you have to continue to peel the layers back on, once you get down to the root of why issues within us exist in the first place you no longer look at the other person as your direct problem. There can be no bigger enemy than the one that lives within us. When we embrace that, we then call in experiences and people that have embraced the power to defeat that inner enemy and replace that barrier and wall with love and understanding. So shout out to my very special sister circle, who have been very open to expanding and spreading more love. I love all women very dearly and I hope that we continue to blossom into the beautiful souls that we truly are as we reach deeper connections.

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