The Hunt: House Plants I Won't Kill

Plants create a stylish and earthy tone to your home, as well as purify the air. I have never been able to have house plants some how, some way, I kill them. So I am on the hunt for the perfect plants to enhance my bohemian vibe, yet are tough enough to stick around.

Lately my green thumb has been buzzing, and since reaching success in my garden I figure maybe its time to try house plants again. As a youth my maternal grandmother and great grandmother were both gardeners and farmers, so gardening should come natural to me. My memories of my cousins and I running through corn fields, and helping to harvest the peas are beautiful pictures in my mind. So being able to pass down the importance of caring for plants and knowing how to cultivate your own foods, has been an important part of our homeschool lessons.

In the past I have killed every house plant that I attempted to have, so I opted for the fake plants that actually cost more than the real thing! No more! I have been on the hunt lately to find plants that not only look great with my decor but are low maintenance and can thrive in our busy household. So we took a trip to Lowes to figure out what would work for us, the snippet video is on my facebook and Instagram page. Although I'm still doing my research on care and maintenance I believe that Friday we will go pick up three plants that I fell in love with.

Money Tree Plant - Brings good luck and good fortune to its owners. Brings positive energy to your home/room it is in. Money trees like humidity so placing it in a bathroom or near a humidifier will work and it seams as though you only have to water once a week or less.

Mass Cane Plant - Tolerates low light and humidity and does not need much water. ( once a week) This is also a very stylish plant, I love the look of the thick stalks and the feel of it's strong leaves.

Yucca Cane Plant - Hard to kill was the first thing I saw when I was looking for care instructions for this plant so!!!!! Definitely getting it lol. Likes to be kept dry so this means very little watering, low humidity, and it can handle various temperatures.

Other plants I may consider will be aloe vera, succulents, and the snake plant (also known as mother in-laws tongue *OMG I died laughing when I saw that) but they are durable and do not need lots of maintenance, and I need plants for our rental house also so more than likely I will be purchasing all of these. But if you know of some great plants that I can choose feel free to drop some comments on your suggestions!

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