The Divine Feminine: Honor Thy Mother

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

As the spirituality of the planet continues to align and awaken to the natural flow of life and universal love, many of us are starting to recognize the God given power we posses within. To acknowledge the Divine Mother is to honor creation itself. I myself believe The Most High is not simply male or female, but everything is God. Venture down a path with me as I show love and admiration for the feminine energy that inspires me daily, weekly, yearly, forever.


For a while now I have been trying to figure out how I would incorporate so many beautiful women that I admire into my blog. Some of these women have silently inspired me so much to take leaps of faith when I was at a stand still, assisted in my healing, and just over all have gotten me through some rough times. So I am dedicating this section of my blog to inspirational women all across the globe that inspire me and I'm sure so many others to live life abundantly. I am also hoping to interview many of these beautiful women so that I can bring many others into the awareness of all that we are.

My mother was my ultimate inspiration, she is the one that put me in tune with my femininity. When I was growing up I was such a tom boy, always climbing trees and beating up boys. I loved my mother greatly, to watch her move through life so effortlessly and graceful all the while dealing with God knows what was so inspiring. She showed me how and why I should love myself, yet even in these teachings I some how got lost, only to now to have found such deeper meaning to my femininity.


It is such a strength and power to be born a woman, a power that for so long has been oppressed and suppressed for such a very long time, that it is now coming out super strong with full force. Some people may see that as a bad thing but I see it as necessary, like everything else that has happened before this influx of female power. I truly dream of a one day balanced world, but as for today I can only do my part which is to celebrate my given role here in this plane. So I am very pleased to announce this portion of my blog called Wombman Pow-Rah and I hope to feature some amazing ladies on this section of my blog. The goal is always to live life abundantly and to create a tribe of beautiful people along the way. If you would like to be featured email or drop a link below!

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