Teach Your Children to Have Vision

Updated: Jul 15

Over the year we hear about people creating vision boards and some people share their experiences with being able to manifest there desires, but why is it important and is this something you should pass on to your children? Find out why you should teach your children to have vision and how creating vision boards is a great family activity.

Vision boards are a way to refine your long term goals. While material goals may change, some goals will be a way of life, such as being a better person. Creating vision boards allows you and your family to think about what it is you truly desire for the month or year and set visual goals that you can see everyday that will encourage you to complete these goals. It's not about dreaming an unrealistic dream but creating a lifestyle that truly allows you to live your greatest life. I love doing this practice with my children because I love to teach them how to manifest the things that they want. Faith without works is dead, so after you think about it and pray about it, you must put action behind it. These are great tools to pass on to your children because it teaches them to follow steps to insure that they reach their goals.

"When dreams turn into goals, goals create your reality."

How To Create Your Vision Board

First you will need a sheet of paper or a journal.

Next you will need a poster board, cork board, or and old picture that you can tape or glue pictures and words on.

You will also need tape or glue, scissors, and magazines that you don't mind cutting up.

Once you get your supplies in order take your sheet of paper and write down your immediate goals. Go deep within your self and questions that will give you specific answers. For example don't just say I want to travel this year but specify if you want to travel to 2 or 4 new places, what are the places you want to go, and when would be a good time to go? Map out how your going to get there, do you need to get your passport first, do you need to cut out the word "save" to remind you to put the money back, are their other bad habits you will need to cut out? When you refine your goals and map out ways to achieve them you are more likely to accomplish what you set for yourself. Once you refine your list you will be ready to cut out magazine pictures and words of inspiration that align with the goals you are setting. I suggest making a personal vision board and a family vision board and place them somewhere that is easy to see everyday. When you can see it, you can believe it and achieve it. Good Luck making your boards, comment and let us know some of the goals your family is making for the "New Year".

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