Spring Into It

Spring is all about great weather, farmers markets, preparing our urban garden for a beautiful summer yield, and visiting the best parks for outdoor concerts.

Spring is always a welcome change in our house, while we love cozying up to the fire place during winter and watching movies, we yearn to be outdoors. Outdoor movies and concerts are popular in Dallas around Spring and fall, farmers markets are also a great place to hang at the start of the season. One of my favorite things to do at the start of Spring is prepare our home garden. I love having fresh foods and herbs growing in my back yard at my disposal. There are so many benefits to a home garden:

  • You save money

  • You have organic fresh homegrown food at your disposal. (the taste is so much better than store brought )

  • It is the ultimate learning experience in patience, persistence, growth, and life in general.

  • You can make your own teas and herbal blends

People inbox me and come to me all the time to ask how they can get started. I love to share information as well as share seeds with people and walk them through my lessons and challenges in gardening. The main thing is to just do it, don't make excuses as to why you can't and just plant some seeds and try.

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow ”

Try some of my tips for beginner gardeners:

  • Raised beds do better in Texas ( I have planted herbs in the ground and they have returned every year but I could have done this better had I known in the begining)

  • Planting Charts and schedules help you to know what to plant, where to plant it and what time of year.

  • Research companion planting for best results in your raised bed

  • Strawberries and certain other plants grow better when tilted or hanging so consider growing on the fence in pockets or from the tops of pergolas

  • vine plants need something to grow up like tomato's, pole beans, and cucumber

  • If you are growing from seeds start them in the house in small cardboard planters (dollar tree has them ) once the seedling sprouts you can transfer it to a bigger pot or strait to the ground depending on the weather. You want to make sure they are kind of hearty before you put them outside depending on the plant. Also with cardboard containers you can stick the whole thing in the ground they are biodegradable.

  • Pruning can create a higher yield.

  • Feed your plants- using organic plant foods and the right dirt can give your plants more nutrients that will increase growth and time.

  • Certain plants get rid of bugs other times you may have to pick them off your self, try to avoid sprays and pesticides.

  • When you get ready to harvest your plants their are various ways to use them and save them for later, drying them is great for teas and cooking blends. Look on pinterest for ideas.

  • Share your harvest- the best thing about having a garden is you will have more than enough to share if you do it right.

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