Pit Stops: Atlanta, Georgia

Most people like to stop and rest, maybe stretch a bit gas up and go to the bathroom but my family and I always look forward to trying to restaurants, dinners, or dives while we are traveling. We have been to Atlanta quite a few times check out some of our favorite places to grub in the city.

Spondivits Seafood Restaurant

Spondivits Seafood Restaurant located near the Atlanta Airport is always a favorite spot to indulge in some fresh seafood. Make sure you have a full pocket book when you come. Although we prefer their steamed selections, the fried choices are just as delightful.

Flying Biscuit- Midtown Atlanta

This was definitely one of our favorite places to eat in Atlanta just because it reminded us of this corky diner here in Dallas called Buzzbrews. The reason we loved it is because it had lots of healthy options, you can get anything on the menu all day, and the food was good and not outrageously priced. One of my favorite menu items was the B.L.T. firstly I love any place that serves good Turkey Bacon, but they also have oven fried green tomatoes on the sandwich as well. As you can see it also came with a side of spicy collard greens, so I was in southern diner heaven. If you really want to go the extra mile add in an order of their cheesy grits, they do not disappoint. Other really great menu items include the turkey pot roast, shrimp n grits, and although I haven't had it the Vegan BBQ burrito sounds pretty tasty.

Kilwin's Atlanta

Kilwins Atlantic Station- We really love this place and try our best to go anytime we visit Atlanta. They have everything you can think of from candy, cookies, and chocolate covered treats to gourmet caramel apples and fancy milkshakes. Its a one stop sweet shop and they have everything my families heart desires. My favorite dessert of all time is caramel apples, so they got me hooked with that, but the milkshakes are crave worthy as well. It's definitely a place you should treat your children too if your in the area!

O.L.G. ( Old Lady Gang) Kandi Burruss-Tucker and her Husband Todd Tucker have a nice little restaurant located in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of Atlanta. We were lucky that we didn't have to deal with a crazy wait because we went in the middle of a snow storm. Everything was pretty good and reasonable but the service wasn't all that. I think a place that has better soul food and service would be Glady's Knights restaurant. Still O.L.G is a stop that won't terribly disappoint and you may spot some celebrities hanging out!

My family and I love to travel and share our experiences, if you have some suggestions for places to dine in Atlanta that we should try on our next visit, or if you have tried our suggestions please share your experiences with us by commenting on this post. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your next visit to Atlanta, Georgia.

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