Must Have Green Spaces Your Family Will Love: Spring/Summer 2020

Updated: Jul 15

From indoor growing solutions, to great ideas for backyard lounging areas, and ways to plan your garden. We have scouted inspiration for green spaces your family will love and benefit from all year round!

One thing we love about Spring in Texas is the ability to be outside for longer periods of time. Even though this pandemic has shifted the activities we normally would participate in, it doesn't change how much time we spend in our yard. With Spring nights being nice and cool we can burn outdoor fires and enjoy movies in the backyard. Backyard movie night is also something that our children and our neighbors have been able to enjoy with us for the past couple of years. If you have a laptop, a projector, and a thick white sheet it's all you'll need to be the life of the movie party. ( Well that and a couple of snacks)

Other great additions to your outdoor space are lounging areas. Pinterest has been my go to for inspiration, however I'm all about saving money and utilizing what you already have. Painting your old metal outdoor furniture, or making your own out of wood stumps, or pallets is much cheaper that buying brand new. With a little creativity you can create beautiful space without spending anything. Free pallet boards are usually thrown away by stores and they are happy to let you pick a few up. Palettes are great to use for seating, tables, and when turned on their sides can be used to grow multiple items from herbs and lettuce blends, to strawberries or chives. This year we are going to make an existing gazebo a romantic floral shelter by allowing climbing vines to cover the tops, then adding sheer curtains.

This year we have also expanded our garden. Every year that we learn and apply our knowledge of horticulture we add more to our garden. I suggest that you start small and simple until you get the hang of things, and create a schedule that works best for the fruits and vegetables you plan to grow. Our very first garden was just a small square space in front of our house, the only thing we grew there was herbs and only a few of them made it.

If you live in townhome or apartment and space is limited. Growing indoor is an option. You can always decorate your space with beautiful easy to care for plants. You can also grow window sill herbs for cooking such as cilantro, rosemary, mint, basil, and thyme. You can also have wall hangers filled with herbs or succulents just to add earth elements to your space, clean the air and enjoy a bit of natures goodness year round. The best part about being able to grow inside or out is being able to save money by harvesting your own fruits and vegetables. This has been a great lesson for our boys because they get to work hard while applying the tools of math and science, as well as harvest their accomplishment by nurturing themselves with the "fruits" of their labor. February is a great time to start planting seedlings indoors, cleaning up your yard, and mapping out plans and plants to fill your garden, walkways, or balcony with. Drop us a picture of some of your ideas or current garden designs.

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