Meet Komiko Powell : Actress, Host, Wife, Mother, Artist

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

I got a chance to hang out with Komiko Powell a Dallas, TX native and Sleeping With The Enemy cast member earlier this month. We talked wombman power being a wife, being a mother and balancing it all. Find out how this awesome artist balances career, motherhood, and marriage.

I met Komiko at one of my favorite pie shops, Emporium Pies, in the Bishop Arts District in the Oakcliff neighborhood of Dallas. Here we enjoyed coffee, tea, pie and great conversation. Dive into the interview by enjoying the written version where Komiko answered my interview questions in her own words and/or view the visual experience of our time together.

Who is Komiko? How would you describe yourself and what is your background?

I grew up in the 80's in Oakcliff, Texas during the crack epidemic. I had some awesome, smart, and talented parents with too many problems to give their children the "American Dream" life, so we shuffled between the hood life and the good life. We had good days and bad days but they all created me. I did my own share of things that have taught me lessons like, getting married after nine months of dating to my husband of almost thirteen years. We hopped on this ride when we were twenty-one and have been rocking out ever since. I'm a lover and a artist, I feel deeply and I express it in my words, my music, my acting, and my mothering. It's all done from a place of love. I've been writing and singing for years , it started with my first heartbreak at eight. It grew from an expression of heartbreak to so much more and became an outlet for all of my emotions. This developed into performances at school, church, conventions, plays, and I'm hoping to one day make it to the big screen. If I don't I hope to show my boys what it looks like to follow your dreams. I hope I make it more possible for them to live out their dreams, than the possibilities were for me. I want them to look at me and say if mom did it so can I.

You are multi-talented if you could choose just one thing to do in artistry/business what would that be?

It's so hard to ball all of this creative energy into a neat little package to present to people. It's so expensive. I have a knack for finding a GOOD THING. I can usually pick it out, find a way to acquire it, or reproduce it. It wasn't until I started with my Thirty Something Podcast and my friend Shay put a title on exactly who and what I would love to do with my life forever, be a curator. I mean momma I want to sing, I want to act, I want to write, but I love doing these things with other people. I love to put other peoples talents on display, so I would love to help develop talent. I want to be in the arts and entertainment field forever, not just while I'm hot. I want to live through the heat of someone else's flame that I played a part of lighting. I have a long list of creative goals I wish to accomplish.

What are some of the goals you hope to accomplish with your brand in the next five years?

Well for the most part I am the BRAND, I also have my hands in other brands with other talented people as well. First and foremost I have goals with my handsome and financial genius of a husband. The ship might start rolling without him, but it won't stay afloat without him. He's my safety net and business partner. I hope that in the next five years the brand of me will find out that the saying "your gift will make room for you" will be true. Although money is not something that holds a high place in my life as long as I'm happy with my life and career, but if I'm happy in my everyday life and can contribute to my own self-care and family at the same damn time Wolfe and I have been developing and working towards for years will be a reality. I pray that the vision is just as beautiful as the time , thought, and love that we have poured into the brainstorming phase of our project. We just want to change the lives of our families and allow it to spill over into others. I just want my brand to be GREAT.

Who are the women that have influenced you the most in your life and career?

The one woman that has totally influenced me the most is my mom. Her hard work and determination to be the best at whatever she does is and has always been the same attitude that I have tried to take with me in life everyday. I have failed often and sometimes feel like I have not lived up to or can live up to her greatness, because what I have seen her do and make happen. Yet I have also learned from my mother that you can fail and still WIN, as long as you do not quit or give up. If you keep working to find the solution, you will find it and solve the problems you may have. You have the power, you are in control and this has been an important lesson that I have learned from her as well. She holds me accountable, she helps me keep the crazy away. My mother is my biggest role model. I also love Lauryn Hill's lyricism , I admire her ability to be honest even though its not what people want from you. Her art , creativity, boldness, and style are something I admire. Other than those two I like to take bits and pieces from my friends and family. I can find beauty in almost anything or anyone, and while others may call it naive, I call it a gift.

As a mother and wife how do you balance wearing so many hats, and still tend to your dreams and aspirations?

I'm doing a horrible job at it, lol. I don't know if you are like me but sometimes I can be all over the place. One thing I know I will need if this happens to get really big, and I hope this does't make me seam like a diva or brat, but an assistant would be nice. Just so I don't double book , to make appointments, make sure my house gets cleaned, phone calls are returned, emails are responded to, you know regular everyday task that require you to have a good memory. My mind is racing most days and I do think to do these things, but by the time I get around to it my mind has thought of a million other things to do and the importance and priority of those things don't matter, SMH. Literally running myself into the ground is how I balance it, lmao. One thing I am proud of is that what I want to do for the long haul would open up a lot more room and opportunity to pour more into my husband and kids. I think the biggest enemies of a wife and mother is being an employee at a company thats unfulfilling and one that doesn't care about you being a wife and mother. My aspirations for being an actor or doing movies fit well with my children's aspirations so, that makes it easy to include them in what I do. Other than that nothing seams balanced. I give them all my love.

What do you love most about your relationship?

My most absolute favorite thing about my relationship is who I am in a relationship with. I love how it feels when he holds me, I grow from his criticism, I am challenged to be better in all ways when I am with him. I have to be better for him and I , so I am in a constant state of growth. I love that he doesn't let me play mental chess on him. I love his intelligence, because it summons mine. I also love the security I have found with him. I love that our shit isn't pretty all the time , yet we both have so much love for each other we can withstand what others have let tear them apart. I love that our relationship is concrete, and I'm glad we have grown together. I love our friendship, I care about him like I care about me and my children because he is an extension of me. If I hurt him I hurt myself and vice versa. I love that we found each other and I absolutely love being IN love with HIM.

What do you love most about being a mother?

I love the similarities I see in my children and myself. I love being able to recognize their talents, their uncertainty , their intentions. I love the undeniable, unquestionable connection I have with two amazing little human beings, and I am equally excited as well as afraid of my responsibility to them. Sometimes I can feel like I can explain all of life to them so clearly and they will understand my wisdom, then sometimes I question if I even still have it right. I love to explore their minds and their thoughts about things and guide them on how to communicate and problem solve. I am always filled with so much love when I see they are proud of me and see some of me in them. Its a friendship filled with tons and tons of love.

What is wombman power in your own words?

Wombman power is an expression of womanhood and motherhood and all that it encompasses. It takes an internal power to transcend beyond the levels that have been assigned to us. Some women are described as mothers and never fulfill their true power. Some women are just wives and they put all their energy into that alone. Some women just thrive off the power and don't give equal time and attention to the other components of the expression, but I think wombman power is a self-assertion into a realm beyond labels and it says " we , man, with the ability to bring forth life shall also show their might in other areas of life as a man of God's creation. Its almost a feminist statement but its so cute no one will take it offensively. Love it Lex!

I really enjoyed this interview, Komiko is my first "Wombman Powrah" interview and it was very refreshing to connect to such a creative person and find how much we had in common. Please support Komiko by going to see her in Sleeping With The Enemy as well as view her on Thirty Something Podcast. Make sure you check out the video as well and of course comment and let me know what you think!

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