Make Your Own Cancer Killing Alkaline Water!

Ninety five percent of diseases like cancer have been created in environments full of acid. This was proven and determined by the winner of a Nobel Prize- Doctor Otto Warburg. Knowledge of this has proven that the cancer cannot develop in a body with an alkaline system at the level of pH equal or bigger than 7.36. Are you on the road to health?


As always my family and I are looking for ways to live our lives abundantly, and health is a major concern. We lost my mother in 2015 to cancer and have since modified our diets, mind states, and physical bodies with exercise and meditation. I first became aware of the alkaline lifestyle and diet through Dr. Sebi who recently passed away in 2016 at the old age of 83 years old. He has claimed to heal many people through removing acidity from the body and then incorporating alkaline baths, drinks, and foods. Water as we know is vital to our lives. I once saw a post that humans are advance plants we need water and sunlight for our health. With that said, many places sell great alkaline water Trader Joes is a great place to get reasonably price alkaline water and you can buy Essentia by the case. Those are my two favorite brands, but most of the time I infused my own water, which cuts down on the plastic waste from bottled water. So here's how I do it.


1 small piece of Ginger Root

1 Key Lime

1/2 Lemmon

1/2 medium cucumber

First wash the ingredients and then cut them, I like to do a vinegar soak on all my fruits and veggies that I plan to leave the skin on. The ginger will also need to be peeled. Put them in a small jar full of water and leave it overnight or if you have a water bottle with a diffuser place them in there. Start your morning with this drink and you will feel so energized and ready to take on the day!

{* I am not a licensed physician, if you are experiencing any health issues seek the help of a professional, I am simply a woman who is in love with a healthy lifestyle and who loves to research healthy habits that fit my personal lifestyle}

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