Luxury For Less Topanga Canyon and Malibu Beach

Everyone wants to stay in nice places without breaking the bank. Find out how our family of four took a flight to LA and stayed in Topanga,Canyon for around 700.00

I love to take vacations around my birthday and explore new cities or return to some of my favorite places. It gives me a chance to reflect on a year of growth and lessons learned. Normally this is a trip I do alone or with a friend, but this year I wanted my family with me. Ironically I went to California at the same exact time in 2011. I realized I was actually going for the same reasons as well, which was to let go of hurtful feelings. As people I we tend to hold on to traumatic experiences and they end up draining us and leaving us weighed down. I lost my mother in 2015 and had an extremely stressful 2016 so I really needed to go back to this place where I had gone to overcome so much in the past. We ended up getting an amazing Air BnB in the mountains the homes their are multimillion dollar estates but, we were able to get our entire guest house for only 100/night x 3 nights. The mountains in Topanga Canyon are amazingly beautiful, it reminds me of how remarkable creation truly is and the divinity of The Most High.

"I definitely have had a few spiritual moments in the Santa Monica Mountains, it is a great place to meditate, scream, cry, absorb beauty, exercise, hike, have a bohemian lunch, and whatever else. "

I found it so peaceful and relaxing it was almost like there were no time constraints, just exploration and great bonding. { Tip: If you take the waterfall trail it is a real adventure and the closer you get the more untamed the path gets, come prepared. We also never made it to the actual waterfall because of that. We had so much fun hanging out all over LA after spending the day out we would come back and relax our nights away. Early mornings were also a beautiful time to open the blinds of our french doors and enjoy hot tea. I got some really great and much needed rest there, I even got a chance to catch up on some personal writing projects.

Not only did we save money on the basics, airfare and lodging, we also saved on fun things to do that the boys would enjoy. My children love to hike so that cost us only 10.00 to park, but if you park on the road before you get to the entrance it's free. Hanging out on the beach is free and the Santa Monica Pier is amazing if you can get away with out getting roped into getting on rides which we did because it was chilly and almost closed when we visited. The place the boys love the most was Venice Beach, which is extremely entertaining just walking up the shore. The most we spent there was on souvenir clothing (which by the way is not worth it, just go to a local Target/Walmart and get some Cali stuff for 5 bucks ) The Oscars were also going on while we were there so we got a chance to see some celebrities leaving the event, that was also exciting for everyone. With a slew of popular yet inexpensive places to eat you can definitely dine on a budget. Since we stayed in a BnB with a kitchen, we were able to buy food and drinks that we could snack on in the mornings and evenings so we only purchased lunch most of the time. For foodie faves in LA check out my On The Table section in the blog.

TRAVEL TIPS : So you want to take a cheap trip? Well the best advice I can give for taking a trip that doesn't cost a lot of money is to:

1. Have flexible dates that you can travel. { try to have more than one set of days for your vacation or simply travel during the week it's cheaper to travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays}

2. Consider getting a house. has pretty cool spaces and you can share the fee with your friends, find a space that doesn't charge for extra people and you can pile up in one spot and spread the love. { this is a good option for partiers all you need is a nap space and shower really}

3. Staying in a home and cooking your own food saves lots of money.

4. I search for all my flights on google, hasn't let me down yet, but having airline apps and apps that show mistakes that the airlines post allow you to sometimes get great deals also. Their are also some travel blogs also that chase deals for you and keep you updated on domestic and foreign travel. Follow one of my favorite travel blogs

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