Ice Cream Summer!

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Texas is super hot and usually the only way to beat the heat is by having something to cool you off. Old fashioned ice cream parlors never get old in the South, but new healthier options are popping up also; they all create a party in your belly.

Our favorite neighborhood ice cream store isn't some fancy smancy place where the menu prices are like ordering a full meal. We love the simple and convenient things in life so we go to Braum's. I absolutely love that my babes can feel like ballers at Braum's....a double dip waffle cone or cup is only 1.99! You can also get 2 gallons of of ice cream for 6 dollars and buy a box of cones for 1.99 and make as many as you like, so as far as deals this is great for families.

A more fancy option for us when we want to go a little further with our love of deserts is frozen yogurt and gelato. My boys like that they have choices to add toppings to their yogurt and it is a bit more on the healthier side since it has less calories and saturated fats than regular ice cream. Plus its soft serve so people that have a hard time eating ice cream can have a much smoother experience with fro-yo and gelato.

When ever we visit the Dallas Farmers Market we are either going to the shaved ice booth or the Cool Haus ice cream sandwich stand. This is the perfect way to beat the heat. With their unique flavors and and new spin on an old favorite these are sure to please any ones taste buds.

Make your own:

With so many recipes for ice cream I have found that making our own blended versions are even better and a little healthier. My quick way to do this is buy a gallon of vanilla ice cream. In a blender add your own fruit combinations, Pour this into the Ikea popsicle maker ( 1.99 at Ikea stores) and boom. Easy pops your children will love to make and eat!

What are your favorite local Ice Cream spots and how are you beating the heat? Comment below and let me know!

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