Grief: How to deal with a miscarriage and loss of loved ones.

Miscarriage happens to approximately 15-20% of healthy women here in the United States. Many times those of us who have experienced this issue suffer in silence, as we grieve the loss of our pregnancy and all the hopes and aspirations that come with having a child. I lost my baby January 5, 2018 due to a miscarriage that possibly happened from arguing and stress. Although the reasons why were not definitive, it was a devastating ordeal that I pray no one has to endure. Even with that said death and loss are apart of our experience, and with acceptance you can get through anything. If we take our time to understand our experiences and see the good that can come from them, our optimism can shed light on our journey. So I won't make a lengthy blog post I'll just drop the video below. Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions or need support!

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