I love visiting new places when ever I go to Atlanta because I love the vibes of city and the fact that there are many B.O.B. options to choose from. I love Kandi's whole vibe as a mom, creator and mogul and my recent visit there made me want to try her and her husband's restaurant.

I am always so happy to visit Georgia. I think because my mother and her family are from there I automatically feel a sense of home when I am there. Like most people I associate great food with going to visit my family. On this trip to Atlanta the weather got really bad and it starting snowing in mounds, so I was very surprised that the city did not shut down. Since it didn't we took the opportunity to visit Kandi Burruss' and Todd Tuckers restaurant the Old Lady Gang. The reviews of the restaurant were pretty good and we love soul food so we were excited to go. Upon first entering the space I was surprised that it was so small, that means when they are busy it's really cramped but the atmosphere was cute and laid back. The servers were not super friendly, but I assumed that maybe because of the weather they were just ready for the day to be over. The menu was not very extensive they only have 5 entree's and about 8 appetizers. We decided on Aunt Nora's Deep South L.I.T. for our drinks, the fried deviled eggs for the appetizer and we both had Aunt Bertha's Fried Chicken.

“Over all it was good but not good enough to make me come back, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it.”

So just to give my honest opinion the food was good and satisfying but not great. The deviled eggs were good and different than the usual and the corn bread muffins were cool (the honey butter really made them pop). The chicken was kinda disappointing just because in Dallas we have so many hood spots with really good chicken and it doesn't cost 15 bucks. If I could get some fresh Rudy's chicken to the ATL and have Aunt Bertha taste it then I'm sure she would change her recipe. Over all it was good but not good enough to make me come back, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it. If they switch up their menu a little bit then I may return but I have other places in Atlanta I'd like to explore, and I will be returning to my second home soon.