Eat Well, Travel Often: Lessons To Live By

When the children are rowdy, my schedule is hectic, the to-do list seams endless, and we are all crazy.... I just want to get away! I decided today would be a great day to come up with some destinations I would like to manifest into my near future.

I love travel and great food. They go together like Jamaican rice and peas. One thing that I know I will be doing very soon to regain my peace of mind is a stay-cation- { a quick in town stay at a nice relaxing hotel for some rest and relaxation, and of course some fine dining}. Sometimes the best way to get a way, is to just do it! There is a Spa and hotel in Carolton, TX called Spa Castle that is super relaxing, and the weekday tickets are usually on sale for 25.00 on Groupon. The weekend days are usually crowded so this deal works perfect for me because my schedule is so flexible. You can also stay for up to 24 hours, but I usually only need a good eight. So that is one thing on my to-do list within this next week.....self care is so necessary, especially when you have a family that you give so much of yourself to. {mom tip of the day} Now let's get into some of my dream destinations that I plan to make happen very soon. Keep scrolling past the inspirational pictures for my 2019 Destination List.

So as you can see I am a tropical girl. I love warm places with spicy foods and lots of beautiful cultures. Since I was a child I have wanted to travel and experience the world of intellectual achievements and diverse cuisine. To me Anthony Bourdain had the dream job of doing both, unfortunately he passed away recently which is super sad, but it seams as if he had an eventful life. I can only hope to achieve a parallel success in my love for food, fashion, and adventure. The places that I hope to travel to and why are:

Bali- This is at the top of my list because it looks so serene. Crystal clear waters, cute little monkeys running around, and plenty of english speaking people. It's also very reasonable to travel and stay in Indonesia, so your dollar goes a very long way. {Luxury for less is what I'm all about} Plus what a beautiful place to experience God? I hear the temples in Bali are something to experience, although I want to visit Tibet because of this very reason as well.

Belize - So I have always wanted to see the Mayan Temples and ruins in Mexico. This is something that has been an interest of mine since I was very young and first studied the culture. Plus Mexico is beautiful and I could brush up on my Spanglish lol. Also it's not a very long fight from Texas and usually you can find cheap deals on an all inclusive hotel and airfare. {You know I love a great deal}

Morocco- So lets just talk about Moroccan decor, it is to die for all of our bohemian inspiration comes from here. Their architecture, the culture, and scenery is absolutely breath taking. Plus they have a rich African history that my family would love to explore and learn more about. While there I would love to make my way to Egypt so that would mean possibly visiting Algeria and Libya as well, or not we could just fly strait to Egypt, but we would do both while we are there.

India- I don't even know which part I want to visit but I want to go. Maybe Nepal or Sri Lanka mainly because of the landscapes, silks, garments, and exotic spices and foods! Since those two locations are super far from one another I need to decide which one. It would be kinda cool to just start in one location and travel by car to the other. Hmmmmm

Thailand- I would love to go here because it seams like an interesting place. Flavored bug snacks in the market, or the boat market would be something unique to experience. They also have beautiful beaches and I love Thai food so to be able to go there to taste some of my favorite meals would be a dream come true. Plus I love to hike so the exploration factor is very high here with cool caves, lush forrest, and beautiful waterfalls I may never want to leave.

Cuba- Havana, Havana!!! I grew up on salsa music because my dad plays congas, and he used to play Celia Cruz all the time. { I love that woman} Also man all those beautiful classic cars from the 50's and 60's how super sexy is that!

New Zealand- One phrase fits why I want to go: Lord Of The Rings here's another just incase you don't get it: The Hobbit I'm a fan and this is where they shot the films, and if you have seen any of the films the landscape is breath taking! It will totally be worth the trip.

This my amazing list that I plan to conquer within the next two years. I have already been coming up with ways that I can make this happen for my family and I, so that's one step in the right direction. Also not having my heart set on certain dates will enable me to find deals and cheap trips, so I'm on the hunt and saving all the extra money I can to make my travel dreams come true. If you have visited any of these places be sure to drop a comment with your tips and highlights! There is a saying: "Life is meant for spectacular adventures, let your feet wander, your eyes marvel and your soul ignite"; and eat great food too!

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