Detox Time

I have been on the road to health for sometime now. It has been a challenge trying to keep healthy eating habits, but it has been well worth it. I have also gotten into the practice of doing detoxes that challenge me and allow me to focus on the areas I want to improve. Join me in my 33 day detox as I refine myself mind, body, and spirit.

Often times we get out of alignment with our purpose in life. We allow ourselves to be traumatized by failures or surrounded by stagnant energy. I have been actively trying to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually and when I feel the need to detox I usually do a three day or one week cleanse. This time since recent chaos has surrounded me I have decided to do a thirty three day detox. For those of you that will be joining me I will have a list below of what I will be doing for this detox. I thank you for your support and willingness to self-heal, self-help, and self-love. For me I know this will be an emotional journey but these 33 days are going to be about getting into the depths of why I feel what I feel when I do and the root of some of my issues that I have. This is truly about cleansing every part of me to be the best me I can be. So these are the rules that I am creating in order for this to be effective and life changing.

“For me I know this will be an emotional journey but these 33 days are going to be about getting into the depths of why I feel what I feel when I do and the root of some of my issues that I have.”

1. Clean It Up- There are things I have been wanting to sell to get rid of instead tomorrow I am just going to give it away so that at day one I can start with a de-cluttered space. I will also be moving things to my garage that I do not have a spot or room for in the house. After I do that I will be cleaning my floors with ammonia. ( It is said that ammonia gets rid of stagnant and negative energy.) When thats done I will set the intention for my home.

2. Read- I have a book that I have been exploring call The Way Of The Wizard by Deepak Chopra I will be finishing my reading and executing its practice during this time as well. I will also be doing 21 Days of Inspiration by him as well with my children during this time. ( 2+1=3 ) see how we flow, click the link to download or print your copy.

3. Daily Meditation- Silent times with your self is necessary for clarity, and this is something I need plenty of. Plus when I meditate my intuition is on point, and in life you need to listen to yourself. Our spirit tells us when things are out of balance and I have completely ignored this for the sake of others, but if I don't put my oxygen mask on first I could die before I help you get yours on. ( its an airplane saying but its true, always treat your own life with urgency then help others)

4. Foods and Beverage- I will be doing fruits and vegetables the entire 33 days, mostly an alkaline diet. No alcohol, no coffee, only teas, smoothies, juices, and water.

5. Sexual Abstinence- Yep no freaky deeky during this time of purifying, because we are purifying people!!!!

6. Journaling- I will be posting my personal thoughts on the blog. If you are having trouble with something or want to share your experiences please inbox me on facebook/instagram or post directly to my facebook page, but I want all the participants to journal their daily feelings and thoughts during this process. We are healing and letting go some days will be harder than others but when your intention is to do things for your highest good, thats what the results will be.

7. Acts of Kindness- Once a week during this process, I will be doing a random act of kindness for a person I do not know. I believe that this brings us back in balance with the love of the universe and impacts others in ways we do not know or understand.

8. Spiritual Baths- Once a week or as needed I will be taking spiritual baths. This is a process of infusing the bath water with intentions, then bathing in them and releasing it all through the draining of the water. I always add epsom salts or Himalayan sea salt rose buds and or petals of my favorite flowers/dried herbs to a bath tea bag also. I light candles around the tub and burn sage before entering. I always feel so much lighter after.

9. Exercise- You will need something to keep your mind focused and exercise is always the best way to do so. Its an amazing way to release pinned up emotion and chaotic energy.

Good luck with the results of this detox. I am learning to be more transparent in the things that I go through good and bad, so I am happy that people may be joining me or at least paying attention to the process. This is something I KNOW I need so here I am. Let's live life abundantly!!!!

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