Detox Day Two: Expression

This morning I woke up early and started getting things done, which felt really good. I made a cup of moon cycle tea by Yogi and added a cinnamon stick, fresh garden mint, and raw honey. I lit an incense and prepared my breakfast of pineapples and strawberries, then began to reflect. Today ended up being an emotional day of processing yesterday’s revelations and self analysis. Although I went to bed feeling so wonderful and light, I awoke feeling very forgiving of my past yet sad about the current state of a very important relationship that I have developed. I questioned, "why do we become so attached to routines?" I think it’s obvious that routines make us feel comfortable but, sometimes when we are out of our comfort zones we began to rebel. In the rebellions from my own comfort zone, those times provided the insight of better self awareness.

As people we are always needing to express ourselves. Our self expression comes in the form of the clothing we wear, the thoughts we journal, public speaking, songwriting, and so many other ways. Yesterday when I checked my chakra's I discovered that my throat chakra was blocked. This was puzzling to me because usually I'm able to express myself, but the blockage could also mean that I am not speaking my truths. After I discovered the blockage I wrote my first day detox post. Although I haven't checked my chakras today, I am hoping that by continuing to share my experience with my detox through self discovery and self love that I can clear any and all blockages in my life. As far as completing most of my detox task I was very busy today, we had a homeschool field trip and workshop. I also had work to do as well and an important meeting to prepare for. I did get distracted by some conversations with some friends, but that is also important in clearing negativity from your atmosphere. Some people keep everything within, but I believe in speaking to others about your feelings. It is especially great to speak to the right people that will assist you in seeing all sides of your issue. Sometimes by consulting with a fair person you may get to see where you have had errors in your personal communications when there was a problem. Ultimately every choice is yours to make and rationalize, but having positive reinforcements help you see the lessons in every mishap, the purpose of every action, and how it all works for the greater good of ones self. Todays lesson was simple....find healthy ways of expression!

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