Detox Day Six: Acts Of Kindness

What better way to detox your self from a certain mind set than to donate your time and energy to someone else's cause. Something as simple as the "pay it forward" model can brighten someone’s day. For me I decided to do something for someone that I was upset with. To me this challenged my level of what many think love is. When you have family or friends they will upset you at some point in the relationship, but then what. Do we disregard them when they go through trials when we can help them out a little bit? I try not to treat people in that manner because you never know when the “shoe will be on the other foot.” During this detox I also have items planned for clothing donations to shelters/churches in the area, as well as going to a drive thru and paying it forward. Acts of kindness ultimately show the world how we feel about ourselves. When you can give freely without worrying if it will come back to you then you are displaying your understanding that the universe is limit less. The art of giving and receiving are the karmic pattern for an abundant life!