Detox Day Nine: Abundant Choices

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Nothing feels better than being able to make decisions for yourself that will be the greatest benefit to your life, and choices that will better your environment. What abundant choices will you make today.This post contains and awesome, smoothie recipe. Keep reading if you'd like to try it!

Great Start

Today was a beautiful day full of lessons. Choosing to educate my children at home is teaching me patients and understanding for the learning process. I am seeing that the more I hover over my children to make them do their work the more they resist, however when I am able to make the lesson's enjoyable then they are receptive to different learning styles. They, have to make the choice to try new things and be responsible for their work. I have to make a choice to withhold my frustration when they get bored and come up with lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime, and help them in their success. When I we started our homeschool journey I didn't expect them to be my teachers as well, but the experience has been very rewarding for me as well.

Homeschool Fun

"Many times in our relationships especially the hard ones we focus on the misunderstandings more than we focus on the lessons we are learning from the experience." - Lex Lu

I have definitely been a victim to this way of thinking, but once you realize that life is a beautiful classroom, you can then let go. When I am able to focus on deliberately making choices each day that align with today's goals, habits that no longer serve me will shed making more room for fulfilled intentions.This for me is a daily practice and sometimes it's easy to get frustrated and forget. The present society, and the need to belong to it can place us under soooooo much pressure. Today's mantra in The 21 Days Of Inspiration was The Law of Karma/Dharma Cause and Effect followed by Conscious Choice Making , the message flowing in right on time, overlapping this mornings school conversations with the boys. When you become in sync the day reveals your alignment and it feels great. I'm learning to be gentle with myself in each moment and attempt not to be distracted by the constantly changing day.

I want to note that this morning started with a bomb ass was magically delicious made with:

  • mango

  • banana

  • pineapple

  • strawberries

  • chaste tree berry

  • maca root powder

  • coconut water

As always I do a small handful of each with a 1/2 water to fruit ratio.

Lunch was a mixed vegetable curry and rice

Dinner was vegetarian lentil chill with garden herbs.

(if you want a recipe book comment on the facebook page and I may put one together)

The night usually ends with my meditations I think my rhythm will be meditation in the evenings and exercise in the mornings, but lets see what happens. What ever you do stay on your journey and embrace it, you are graduating to new levels just by being an attentive student willing to learn. Open your arms and little wider, love is abundant.

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