Detox Day Five: Purpose

So Friday was great. I jumped out of bed early and I was determined to have a great day. I had gotten into the the habit of waking up, going outside sitting with my plants and having my coffee, but since doing this detox I have been waking up and checking social media which is so backwards. So I need to let that go and focus on no disturbances within those first couple of hours. I almost started my Friday like this but instead I started watching music videos and videos on ancient Egyptian theories. Once the sun came up I decided to start exercising!!! Out of all the days of my detox Friday was the first day I wasn't too busy and I got a chance to do a 30 minute work out. I really hope to incorporate exercising early in the morning every morning, even if it's not an intense workout I can at least do stretches in a tai chi so just incorporating that into your day is great even if you don't have much time. When I finished my exercise I was super dizzy, I went all the way in, because of this I immediately made a smoothie after to balance my mood. This smoothie was made with sweetened vanilla almond milk, and a small hand full of strawberries, bananas, pineapples, and mango. I also almost always add black maca root powder and chaste tree berry powder to my smoothies because it is so good for women's health. Now that I was pumped and filled with a vitamin packed breakfast I went to run errands. I noticed that I was in a pretty good mood. The noticeable change during this whole process is that my emotions have not been too far to one side, even when I have had bad moments they have not lasted long. I believe this is due to my nightly readings and the impact of what I am reading that nurtures my soul as well as my mind state. I am enjoying being on my journey, sharing it, and hopefully inspiring people to take care of themselves and do what they can to better their beings. The main thing I am trying to accomplish with this detox is discipline in areas of health...mind, body, and soul and it feels so good. Remember to read the 21 Day's of inspiration every morning or every night it's a great way to start and end the day. Also follow my page on for inspirational quotes.

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