Detox Day Eight: Forgiveness

They say forgiveness is for you not necessarily the other person, because ultimately when you forgiven someone then you no longer carry grudges that can create a heavy heart. I had such a beautiful post about my day and this lesson of forgiveness but the entire post got erased due to a technical glitch, usually I would have been upset but I can not control when the computer will have a malfunction so it shouldn't effect me and it hasn't. That glitch actually sums up the lesson. Since there are elements in life that you can not control then work on what you can control, which is your reaction to the happenings of life. Now I am not saying that this is an easy process, I have verbally forgiven people and internally been pissed off and holding on to the ways that those people in my life have hurt me, but when I talk myself through my feelings and ask myself why I feel this way then I have been able to find the source of my issues and let it go. After I have analyzed my feelings on the issue if the thoughts of a bad event or issue with a person arise then I say aloud I forgive them/it and I send love. When you put love out you get love back. So allow yourself to forgive you for any short comings and failures you may have endured, and then forgive others and LET IT GO! Speak love over all your situations and watch the changes unfold.

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