Detox Day 12 & 14: The Weekend

This weekend was memorial day weekend as well as the close of our season for Hip Hop Across The Board, a podcast that I co-host. I wanted to celebrate all weekend the milestones that I have crossed, the celebration of our season, I wanted to celebrate family....and we definitely did, but my my were the temptations and cravings real this weekend! Yet and still I had plenty of fruit, water, and I grilled some awesome veggies....they made my taste buds happy. I'm not even going to front I also ended up having a chicken sausage in a bun yesterday, only to be disappointed by the taste. After two weeks of clean eating it just wasn't worth going against the detox plan, but it happens. That is what is beautiful about incorporating great reading material into this plan because even when you slip up there is purpose in that.

"Lesson's can be found in everything life presents us with, and just like the class room we elevate levels when we are able to master the lesson."

One of the lessons of self I discovered in these past few days is, I am so hard on myself. I think most of us are especially when you want to be successful and productive, but we waist so much time thinking these thoughts about where we are supposed to be instead of using these moments to take some deep breaths and go into a meditative state. Since recognizing this I am able to replace those thoughts with silent moments, or something productive like writing, exercise, cooking or creating products from my garden. Also in reading The Way Of The Wizard and The 21 Days of Inspiration Deepak Chopra I am able to confirm my progress and my thoughts which is the magic that is me, you, US! I know many times we do not think that our thoughts shape our reality, many of us fall victim to our reality shaping our thoughts, but remember you are always in control of the present, your reactions, and how you perceive what is happening in the moment, these are the thoughts that have been helping me. Also if there are slip ups in your plans like there have been in my personal detox journey, don't sweat it. Be gentle with your self as you are incorporating the steps in this process into your life. My main goal is to be consistent and make this apart of my life style not just something I do for a month and forget about, so I have decided to focus on being intentional, and if by chance I have a coffee instead of tea or miss a day of exercise I just have to put more intent into the present moment to get back on track. As always I hope that sharing piece of my journey help you to move forward with your own detox or inspire you to upgrade your lifestyle so that you may be a better you! Enjoy your day!

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