Detox Day 10 & 11 : Love The Process

What can you do right now to change your outlook, are you fighting through every hardship you encounter with anger, fear, disappointment, and disdain? Having the right tools to conquer the present moment and see how you can improve will always yield better results than complaining about your circumstance. Day 10 and 11 was all about embracing the process , my personal flaws, and improving the way I look at distractions, or failures.

Day ten and day eleven have been hard ones, just because I have given into a couple of temptations. I know that discipline is something that has been lacking in my life so I am making sure to push in all areas. Even though I have had a set back or two, I haven't even been upset with myself for the couple of areas I have been relaxed in. The important change that I can visibly see from my continuous efforts is the vibration of my home, and the creative vibes that have been flowing to me. I am also way more discipline that I have been this year and I plan on truly incorporating these tools on an everyday basis. Most days I get a lot done, the days where I have missed a meditation, exercise, or had a cappuccino I have bounced back harder in another areas and maybe this is where the balance is created. Maybe it's more about the effort than it is the actions, because when we celebrate our efforts even if we fail we are encouraged to keep trying. Trying is the first step to success, think of the many inventions that would not exist today if people didn’t make the attempts. By comparisson I can say the days I incorporate the full list of detox items I feel much more progressive in my journey, so I don't want to start making excuses either. ( I must rid myself of those) Consistently I have been eating right and limiting as much refined sugars as I can. Pinterest has been a great resource for recipes that will keep up my clean eating habits during this detox. I am also so excited to harvest vegetables and fruits from our garden soon as well. Nothing taste better than fresh fruits and veggies right off the plant, there is such a big difference. That difference is what made me come to love and appreciate planting every year and growing our once small garden into a sustainable herbal source year round. The garden has also been a great teaching tool as well as a relaxing place to have a cup of tea so I am grateful for all the knowledge and love I have already poured into my journey, even when to myself is seamed that I was not making progress. It posed the question why are we so hard on ourselves even when we are trying to do so much. We miss the beauty of the journey by focusing on the hardships we had to endure or what has not gotten accomplished. I am now enjoying these times of change and embracing a more refined path, each small element benefits me in the present moment and that has been my message these past couple of days. I feel as though when I am focused on what can be done now it makes my possibilities endless, when I focus too much on the future I stress and make decisions based on wants or future needs. Why focus on a time that is yet to arrive, the best way to prepare for the future is to do what is necessary in the present moment.

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