My Birthday Vlog

Life and the lesson's we face should be celebrated. We are reaching milestones, making memories, and creating the future. Gaining clarity and reaching new height's is beautiful. Peak into my journey...

So my birthday was yesterday and I uploaded my birthday video to facebook and they blocked it...{ WOW} The beginning of 2018 was a whirlwind of emotional experiences, that distracted me from my passion for writing. Even though I have been on quite a rollercoaster ride, everything happens for a reason and we must definitely take the time out to celebrate ourselves and our journey. I have been passionate about blogging for a while now and some way some how I always get distracted by life's mishaps. Having my video blocked was a great thing, it forced me to get back to creating and cultivating post in my own space! Happy Born Day to me and Happy 2018 to everyone reading....I hope you enjoy watching my video.

“Don't just count your years, make your years count." - George Meredeth

A few simple things I did to celebrate my birthday was:

1. Get My Nails Done- This is so relaxing to me and the past two times I have been getting really funky designs so I was excited to get my birthday nails!

2. I saw Black Panther on opening day- Going to the movies with my family is always a cool experience and this was a highly anticipated movie for us.

3.Mimosa Sunday's and A Seafood Boil!!! We had a family crab, shrimp, and lobster boil it was so good!

4. Eyebrow's and Henna- This is what I did on my Monday birthday it wasn't much to do so I went and got threading plus henna now I feel like a tribal Queen.