Aroma Therapy:

Candles, incense, burning resins, bath salts and essential oils bring such peace and tranquility to your space. Your mind, body, and soul benefits greatly from when you appeal to your senses. Find out how aroma therapy can set the tone for abundance in your home as well as assist in healing you.

Scents trigger an area of the brain called the limbic system. When this area is stimulated through inhalation it releases "feel good" chemicals/ endorphins. Feeling good of course promotes mental health, and who wouldn't want to think better to feel better? Many of the dis-eases in our body's start with an imbalance in the neurological system. Different scents can also set the mood of your office or space, making a difference in a person feeling comfortable being there or wanting to get as far away as possible, and if your like me then you pay attention to how a place smells when you walk in. Because of my knowledge of this, I make sure that I try to keep pleasing scents in my home and work space. I usually gravitate toward floral scents in the living room and my bedroom, while focusing more on fresh scents in the boys bathroom and room. I also only use diffusers in there areas for safety.

There are so many other benefits of aroma therapeutic products. The right scents can clean negative energy from your home, deeply relax you, enhance your mood, create balance and well being, relive minor discomforts, assist in better breathing, or boost your immune system. Thats why it is so important for me to talk about the things that I love and how these things benefit our communities, because some people just don't know. I really don't know where my personal sanity would be if I couldn't light a candle and burn some sage honey!

We mostly get our scents from plants and flowers and those being broken down into essential oils. That is one reason why we garden and love to care for the plants around our home, not only do they make the freshest and healthiest food for you but you can use them to create natural aromas in your home. White sage is great to burn once you dry out the leaves. Having them in oil form makes it a lot easier to manage and use in multiple products. You can place these oils in a diffuser or make your own candles, bath salts, or body scrubs with them. I will have a video up in my tutorial section soon on making your own body products. Comment your favorite scents or products and how aroma therapy has improved your home and life, I can't wait to hear about it.

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