A Long Weekend in San Francisco

Our family visited San Francisco and Oakland for the first time. Check out the places we visited, how we got around, our visit to Muir Woods and what we thought were the best eats in San Fran. I can't wait to get back to California.

I absolutely love to travel and the best part about traveling is saving money. Although San Francisco was not the cheapest place I have visited it was extremely fun and worth every penny. Firstly I love how diverse the city is. There are so many people from all over the world that are in San Francisco, and while the language barriers don't make it the most friendly place, people are pretty cool and you'd be surprised by the conversations you will have. My favorite part about our trip is that we did not rent a car, so we got lots of exercise and saw quite a bit of the city. I wish I had done a little more research on their public transportation because I think we could have gotten around better if we had clipper cards. You get a discounted rate when you use one and it is accepted on all forms of public transportation. ( The Bart train, Muni, and the Ferry)

“ Once we arrived the woods carried a tranquil vibe and the spirit of the forrest was unexplainable, it felt so good to be there. I could have walked those trails for days in awe of mother natures beauty.”

So you know the first thing I want to talk about is food. For a petite person I eat a lot and I love great food. I was not disappointed San Francisco. First let me tell you that crepes are super popular and so very good, lawd I think we had crepes three times in one day while we were there. We ate them at Pier 39 and Crepes On Cole. Also our first night there I ordered pizza from a place about a mile away from our hotel called Good Fellas Pizza ( the name alone had me). It was good ole New York style pizza, the wings were great too. Another place we ate that was truly amazing and worth the wait was Z & Y Restaurant we had to wait 45 minutes to sit, but when we sat and ordered we were served immediately. The food was wonderful and the service was great, also President Obama visited this restaurant, they have a Kung Fu tea time that looks like an amazing show. Check their website for the tea schedule and make sure you make reservations.

The highlights of our trip were riding the trolley and train to Ocean Beach we got a chance to see quite a bit of the city as well as find Crepes on Cole and walk through Golden Gate Park. Although it was tiring I really enjoyed getting around via public transportation you have to ride the Market Street Trolley it is an instagram worthy photo op. Muir Woods was another amazing highlight we caught the ferry to Sausalito which allows you to see the city from the bay, it is so beautiful. Once we arrived the woods carried a tranquil vibe and the spirit of the forrest was unexplainable, it felt so good to be there. I could have walked those trails for days in awe of mother natures beauty. I have never wanted to spend the night in a tree until I visited Muir Woods. ( Its also free for children and only 10.00 for adults) Afterwards we went to a nice shop by the bus stop ( you can take a shuttle bus to the woods it's only 3.00 so well worth it.) I don't remember the name but they had great fish and chips as well as ice cream it was a perfect end to our Saturday. Staying in Fisherman's Wharf was also awesome because we were close to many places within walking distance to our hotel, so we visited Pier 39 daily. The dispensaries are cool to visit as well if you need and herbal uplift, try the Apothecary downtown great service and very knowledgable.

Overall the San Francisco experience was very exciting. I definitely want to go back and stay longer in the summer when the weather is warmer. I also will be staying in an Air B & B verses a hotel. The hotels their are over rated, the charge for parking is insane, and you can save money by renting a home. Please let me know if you have ever visited San Fran and what your favorite places were, I look forward to traveling more over the next year.

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