A life Changing Book: Twenty Spiritual Lesson's For Creating The Life You Want

The life you desire is but a mere glimpse at the life you can have, when you learn to free yourself of your ego and immerse your self in the path of the Wizard. Learn how this book has began to transform my life and empower me to live each moment as magical with the purest gift that life can give.

Have you ever read something that truly touched your soul, something that helped you make sense of all the questions that you have been pondering? Well Deepak Chopra's The Way Of The Wizard has done that for me. The way the book was written grasped my attention by appealing to my lower self's ability to see things outside of my self. As most people I assumed that I was just reading a book, not that the book maybe reading me; or better yet that I was intertwined with every word, experience, and lesson placed before me. Deepak Chopra as a being understands his role well and I'm sure has been very instrumental in helping people gain a deeper understanding for their place on this Earth. The divine thing about this particular book is that it did not teach me things that I haven't heard before, or learned before, but it gave me the information in such a beautiful way that I would be able to apply it instantly to my everyday life. It confirmed for me things that I had already felt in my heart but had uncertainty about. There are many chapters that offer exercises that allow you to implement the lessons in real time, and they give you a feeling of progression and accomplishment. Yet by the end you realize that you have accomplished nothing, only come to the realization that everything you ever needed or yearned for was already there. That you are already who you are meant to be in the perfect timing, as the Wizard of your own life, our life.

"The Wizard does not try to solve the mystery of life. He is here to live it."

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to heighten their spiritual awareness and continue to elevate from ego to knowing. If you are ready to embrace the present and cease your worries, fears, or problematic life; this book is for you. I am so grateful to have found it in half priced book, I kept it for over a year before I cracked it open, but I attracted this book to my life. If you are reading this post then understand you have attracted this moment to your life as well, now do something with it. Go beyond your minor curiosity and dig deeper into yourself!

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