2018 Gift Guide: The So Well Groomed Way

With Christmas right around the corner, end of the year birthdays and new years celebrations all at once being able to gift your loved ones with tokens of your appreciation is wonderful, but can sometimes be stressful trying to figure out the perfect gift. Here's our gift guide for you last minute shoppers (like myself)!

For Her:

  • Knit Blanket- Great for cozy movie nights in front of the fireplace, make sure its big enough for cuddling.

  • Spa Day or Self Care Spa Set- Every mom needs a day off to relax and recharge.

  • House Plants- Plants naturally purify the air your home, so add some bohemian flavor to her space with some nice home decor.

  • Journal - Self Care is being celebrated , daily affirmations are helpful, and having place to jot down ideas or clear ones mind is so necessary.

  • Glass Water Bottle- I love environmentally friendly gifts like this glass water bottle. It isn't made from harmful plastics they come in all colors and designs so great for the whole family and you can reuse it forever.

  • Scented Candles- Aroma therapy is always good for the soul, soy candles are the best.

For Him:

  • Bourbon Sets: Around the holiday season liquor stores usually have packages that come with glasses or flask. You can also gift a whiskey decanter or customized flask set as well.

  • Grooming Kit- Shaving Accessories, beard balms, or mens skin care is a big item this season.

  • Travelers Backpack- I feel like every couple of years I need to get my guys new back packs, we travel every year and they come in handy, especially the newer version that have USB and headphone plug ins.

  • Tool Kit- Every guy needs tools.

  • Blue Tooth Headphones- Headphones always come in handy for hands-free communication purposes, bluetooth head phones are even better because you don't have wires hanging everywhere.

  • Underwear- Its something you'll always have to replenish. Months of washing and drying can create wear and tear so I always get my honey some new sets.

For Them:

  • Home Made Treats- My children absolutely love making holiday cookies and homemade hot chocolate on a stick. Have a little fun enjoying the simple things in life by creating memories this season while creating good snacks.

  • Gaming Headphones- My boys have been wanting these for a while it allows them to cancel out the noise in the room while playing and they can talk to other players as well.

  • Board Games- These are great for the whole family because they bring everyone together, its also a great learning tool to teach your children a various number of life lessons.

  • Gaming Memberships- With gaming being so popular many of the bigger companies offer monthly memberships that allow users to access over a hundred different games.

  • Gift Cards and Season Passes- We always do gift cards, memberships, and season passes for our boys. Memberships to museums, zoo's or aquariums are great because you can go all year, seasons passes to Six Flags are always a go to for the same reasons, and gift cards allow them to pick out their own presents.

  • Paint Sets- If you have creative children paint sets, calligraphy set, sketchbooks, ect. always make the perfect gifts. I'm all for creative encouragement and expression.

Enjoy your holidays and remember this season is not all about gifts, its about spending time with your loved ones while creating beautiful memories. Homemade gifts and time spent is way more valuable than spending money you don't have, but if you do use this time to splurge hopefully these ideas help you to gift your loved ones something that will be perfect for them.