10 Reasons To Detox: Lose Weight Feel Great

There are many ways to detoxify your body and what a great way to better yourself than to dedicate your time to a healthier life style. I have had so many questions about my 33 day detox plan from why I'm doing it to tips on how, which is what made me detail my entire journey this time. But let me give you all the reason's you should embark on the detox journey.

Drink Your Way To Health

1. WEIGHT LOSS- Detoxes help so many people drop pounds especially right before a special event. The detoxes that are great for weight loss is a 3 to 7 day juice and smoothie cleanse.

2. MORE ENERGY- When you are eating great exercising and drinking plenty of water you feel so energized.

3. FLUSH OUT THE BAD STUFF- flush the toxins out of your system when you exercise and sweat.

4. LONG TERM HEALTHY HABITS- Doing a detox for over thirty days can help to create long lasting habit that will help you get completely healthy.

5. SLEEP BETTER- Meditation has been a huge part of my detox and the trade off is that I sleep so much better because my body is more relaxed

6. INFLUENCE A FRIEND- Your lifestyle changes can ultimately get your friends and family involved in making their own changes.

7. DETOX DRINKS CAN REDUCE INFLAMMATION- adding cinnamon, ginger, lemons, key limes, berries, and so many more can reduce inflammation in the body.

8. GIVE YOUR BODY A BREAK- not smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages can give your body a break from the damaging effects that these habits have on your body.

9. CLEAR THINKING- Toxins can effect the way that we process information. You'd be surprised how a consistently healthy diet can help with mental health as well.

10. USUALLY LEADS TO OTHER HEALTHY PRACTICES- Once you do one healthy thing for yourself you will most likely do another, like yoga, meditation, health retreats, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

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