Why Blog?

The great thing about the internet is our unlimited ability to connect to one another. My love for writing and literature began as a child reciting poetry by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. I fell in love with the rhythm of the words in a song and the grit of hard lyrics over hip-hop drums.  We all have stories to tell, and since becoming a podcast host on facebook.com/hiphopacrosstheboard and having a past as a local artist and lyricist I wanted to create a space where I could speak about my life and experiences. I now have the interest to share these experiences in a creative and inspirational way. I also welcome my tribe of friends and internet family to visit our forum. It is open for beautiful discussions all you need to do is join the tribe and start sharing. If you need help getting started with your blog? Contact me to book a consultation or visit groomedforgreatness.co If you are interested in collaborating fill out the contact form below. 

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